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Our Hosting Features

Manual Updates

A new version of your server has been released ? hit the re-install button !.

Modern software

We use modern open source tools to provide the best hosting possible with an easily understandable panel.


You can save your whole server before doing something risky !.

DDOS protection

You are protected by OVH's anti-ddos mitigation.


All servers run in isolated Docker containers that limit attack vectors, security is a first-class citizen with bcrypt hashing, AES-256-CBC encryption.

Free support

We will never ask for extra money to provide support, just open a ticket on discord/panel/support.alama.eu .

Meet our team

Maxime Carlier
Co-founder and technical director

Dealing all day with support and technical problems.

Vincent Brach
Co-founder and financial director

Directing Alama Hosting's financial decisions.

Comunity moderator

Moderating dissidents since 3 years.

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